The importance of a logo is always in discussion among everyone. Nowadays, most of us understand the importance of logos for our business or brand. No matter what is the purpose of our brand, its logo is of key importance because as it is always said that a logo is the visual representation of the brand. Logo can be the very first thing that can be observed by a visitor no matter from where he/she is coming from like websites, social media pages or even retail shops. Everywhere the brand logo is visible and appears to be the very first thing to be noticed about the brand. To make a great logo, we should be working on the logo design, because it is the design that makes the logo great.


We have numerous examples in front of us of many successful brands whose logos are remembered and known by almost everyone in the world. Their design had helped them a lot and played a massive role in making the logo so successful and liked by the audience. Simplicity and uniqueness is the best ingredient which we can add into our design to make it ideal for us. We should know that our logos are not just simple images so they should be designed in the way that our brand message should be conveyed easily through our logo.


Talking about the logo designs, as brand owners most of us preferred to make our very first logo by ourselves. There can be several reasons for that like passion for doing everything by ourselves, enhancing our skills for our brand, lack of resources in the start etc. So, when we decide to start designing as a beginner we always think about which software we should be using for our designing process because there is much software that is essential for logo designing purposes. There are two famous software which is mostly used for this purpose which is as follows:-



  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Adobe Photoshop



We will be discussing which software is best to use for designing our logo that is mentioned above.


 Best Software for Logo Designing


We have mentioned two software that is most commonly used for logo designing purposes i.e., adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator. Adobe photoshop no doubt is amazing software and is used by millions of users but creating a logo is not the core of adobe photoshop. For designing the logo, we will be suggesting using adobe illustrator.


 Why Should We Use Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator is best for logo designing, the reason that is in illustrator every vector and line can be assigned any size that we want to which makes it perfect for images to use for any purpose and its typesetting features are incredibly powerful, enabling any text to be transformed into a fully editable shape that can be stretched, skewed and transformed any way imaginable.


No doubt that Adobe Photoshop is powerful software to use but it’s essential for other purposes like retouching images, editing artwork, creating digital images for websites or social media or designing websites etc. It is not suggested for designing the logo because they are used in so many different places, logos need to be resizable. Photoshop is not optimized to create vector artwork, so unless we want to stumble through a bunch of challenging workarounds, our images will exist at only one size. If we need to enlarge them, they will likely get pixelated and blurry making them unacceptable for printing.


So, logo design is of key importance and your whole brand identity and reputation are relying on it. We should be using the software which is best for this purpose and can give the best design to our creativity.