The importance of a logo is very well known by everyone and we know that it represents our brands and business visually. The success of a logo is fully dependent on its design. There are several misconceptions and myths about logo design, but before discussing them we should be knowing that our logos are something that should be simple and powerful enough to represent the nature of the brand in such a way that it can connect with the customers. We should also know that there are no defined and permanent standards of the logo design, it totally depends on our creativity.

Let us discuss some common myths about designing our logo so we can deal with some misconceptions that somehow can create hurdles in our designing process.

Logos Should Be Reflecting Exact Image Of The Brand Or Business

One of the most common myths about the logo is that it should be representing the exact work of the brand. We should know that representing the exact work of the brand through a logo is not important but representing the spirit of the brand through a logo is an achievement. Today, creatives try to keep the logo unique creating a contrast with the nature of the company and this technique has proved to be very successful in attracting customers.

Use Of Symbol Is A Necessity

There is another great myth that usually puzzles everyone is that use of symbols is a key to logo success. But when we see around us many big brands are not using symbols in their logos, and they are being liked by many people also. A symbol should only be used when there is some very important thing that is of huge importance that has to be represented by a company or brand.

The reason behind that is sometimes the symbol present in the logo becomes more universal and memorable than the brand name itself, which can result in the fact that most people remember the brand by its symbol but do not know its name.

Logo Has Nothing To Do With Branding

As discussed earlier, the logo visually represents our brand and our brand reputation is also somehow relying on it. The reason behind this is that logos are the very first thing that someone notices about our brand so it is a total misconception that logos have nothing to do with the branding.

Following The Domain Style

Most of us always think that our logo should be relevant to the domain of our brand. In most simpler words or logo should be related to the industry we are working in. For example, if we are dealing in real estate our log should be house-shaped, if we are dealing in the call centre industry there should be a phone symbol in our logo, but this practice is not compulsory. This had now become an old practice and really bore the viewers. There should be a creative and unique ingredient in our logo that helps us make ourselves different from our competitors.

Boosting The Business

A good logo no doubt is a very important part of our brand but this does not mean that having a good and effective logo is enough and after that, we will face an extraordinary boost in our business. It is one of the greatest misconceptions. Business enhancement depends on the quality of our delivery and service. The more our service will be satisfactory the more our business will grow.

So, above are some myths that usually puzzle us related to our logo design. We should also know that having a logo is not enough, that should be simple and unique. Creativity is the only factor that helps us create a great logo.