In the digital world, the presence of all possible platforms has become a necessity for our business. From having a good website to the presence of social media, everything has become compulsory.  If we want to grow our business in the online world then we have to take both parallels. Ignoring any one of them can reduce the speed of our growth.

It has become the psyche of the online community that if they want to avail services of any business they will check the website and social media both, if the brand lacks any one of it then this creates a bad impression on them and they can go for the other options. The connection between social media and websites is very important, we need to have social media icons in our web design.

Let us discuss the details of the importance of having social media icons on our website.

Information And Connection

Our websites are the source of our information and connection and social media is also playing the same role for our business. In previous times, websites were the only source of information of the business, but with the increase in the trend of social media, most audiences know about the website through its social media pages. Most people think that we should not be giving our social media icons on the website.

From this we can divert our traffic to social media and our website can lose the traffic. But this is not true. The connecting website with social media and connecting social media with the website is the chaining process, it increases our traffic.

Builds Trust

As discussed earlier it has become the psyche of online users that if they want to avail the services of any business they will check the website and social media both if both are present and are impressive as well it can be built trust of the brand among them. So connecting social media icons on the websites is the very first step of building this trust because they immediately develop their view about the brand that this brand is also having social media then it can be good in its services.

Our websites represent the nature of our business, its products, services and leadership, etc. But social media has a different role to play. It tells about the personality of our business, more information about its makers, inside stores, achievements and makes connections as well. So having a website and social media pages is the best package for the brand and connecting them is the source of building trust and knowledge about the brand.

Develops Contact

Social media is the source of routine contact between us and our users. Social media keeps our users in contact with us constantly, but this ratio cannot be maintained in the case of websites. Users only visit our website when they are willing to or when they want to avail a special offer, but in the case of social media if we are actively using it then our content will be emerging in front of our users regularly. Adding social media icons to our website is the strategy to make our users follow our social media and make them in contact with our brand on a routine basis.

Above we had discussed some important factors of having social media icons in our web design. There are many other benefits of this as well like social sharing. So it is very beneficial for us in doing this practice because we have to maintain the connection, information, trust and likeness factor among our audience and having social icons on our websites play a vital role in this.