Responsive web design has emerged as a necessity for websites in the past few years and the reason behind that is the massive increase in the users of electronic devices other than desktops and laptops, especially mobiles. With the help of stats, we can see how enormously mobile users have increased in the past couple of years. Not only mobile users have increased, but other devices users are also increasing day by day like tablets etc. So, especially if we are running a business website and leads are our most important goals then it has become our need to make our website all devices friendly.

Millions of online users prefer androids and ios because they consider it enjoyable and affordable to use these types of smart gadgets and they are more user-friendly as well. We surely cannot just ignore that massive audience and we have to update our website according to the needs of the modern era.

Let us take the example of the eCommerce websites, in these types of platforms our major goal is leads or sales and our whole business is depending on it. It is our need to make these websites responsive because nowadays users prefer online shopping on mobiles because they find it more easy to use and it requires less effort. If our website will not be mobile responsive then it means that if we are ignoring our numerous potential customers.

Benefits of Responsive Design

Responsive website design means making all the pages, info graphics and content of the website flexible enough that can fit any screen size and shape because we do not know from which device or screen can the customer come so we have to make their experience worth remembering on our websites and our brand reputation is also depending on it. If the visitors will be having a good user experience on our website then they will surely return to our platform.

Now we will be discussing the advantages of having a good responsive design for our websites.

  1. Better User Experience

A responsive website will surely be attracting the users and if they find it friendly to use our websites on their screens no matter which type of screens they are using then they will always prefer our website. A good user experience will result in a great potential audience and a great potential audience will result in big leads and big leads surely will result in business growth.

  1. Efficient Website

Website loading efficiency always plays a vital role in the reputation of the website and customer satisfaction. Thanks to responsiveness our website had become far more efficient and its loading time had become satisfactory enough for the audience. The major reason behind this is that the visitor always prefers websites with speedy loading time and find the websites very hectic to use with more loading time so they simply skip the website and try another one because for the audience there are many options but honestly for us we have a great competition out there.

  1. Massive Traffic

Nowadays we know that almost 80% of the online audience came from mobile. So if we are lacking mobile responsiveness in our websites that means we are missing the huge audience that can enhance our business but on the other hand if we have great mobile responsiveness in our websites that indicates how many beneficiaries that is for the speedy growth of our business.

  1. Great SEO Results

Everyone is fully aware of the importance of SEO for our websites and Google has also encouraged the website with great mobile responsive design. Google encourages them with greater ranking for the website with good responsive design besides the website with poor responsive design.

So, as we understood that today more users are coming from mobiles as compared to desktops or laptops so our web design should be impressive and responsive enough to attract them if we are willing to enhance our brand.