No matter what we are designing, whether it’s a logo, website, app or anything, research is the most important step to perform. We cannot lead to a successful design without performing proper research work. The main reason behind that is that research helps us understand what we want to and need to design. Research does not require a lot of time, it is just a pre-work we perform before beginning the design. This really helps a lot and especially talking about logo design is of great importance. With the help of this practice, we can easily make us understand the purposes of the logo and the whole concept which is depending on this.


We will be discussing some research steps we should perform before designing our logo.


  1. Concept behind the logo


Before we begin the design, we should know the purpose of the logo. This means for which type of business or domain we are designing the logo. This step is of great importance because the logo is visually representing its brand and its theme is different in all domains. So we should be knowing the theme of the logo for the domain we are willing to design it otherwise it can cause a great mess. The reason behind that is audiences of different domains prefer different themes and are used to their specific already existing types of logo themes so we must maintain the uniqueness factor within the same theme that the audience prefers.


  1. Keeping in view the type or brand for which the logo is being designed


We should clearly understand what exactly the brand for which we are designing the logo is doing. Our logo should be conveying the message of the brand and one can develop a good initial understanding of the purpose of the brand by just looking at the logo.


  1. Competitor analysis


Having an eye on the competitors is a necessity. This will help you in understanding the factors which are proving to be beneficial for them. Studying their techniques will prove to be very fruitful for us. The same thing applies in the process of designing as well, by looking at multiple successful competitors’ logos we can clearly understand the reasons that are making their logos successful, easily memorable and liked by the audience


  1. Targeted Audience


The audience always plays a vital role in all aspects and is always the center of attention. Logo designing also involves the audience targeting preference. So before designing the logo we should be aware from the audience that we should be targeting through the brand so we can design the logo that should attract them. We should understand the demographics of the audience: their age, gender, location, income level, lifestyle and behavior. We should understand their needs and the problems they are experiencing to require the products or services of the company we are designing for. If the logo is not liked by the audience then surely our brand reputation is at risk which we cannot take at any cost.


  1. Identity and goals


We should know the fact that the logo is the visual identity of the brand so we should be designing the logo that positively reflects the brand. We should know the goals of the brand as well which will help us in adding the creative ingredient to our design. Our design should be promising enough and our research behind it should be strong enough that the logo should be representing its brand for a long time. There should not occur the need to change the logo after a few times.


So, in nutshell, research is the powerful step to create the best logo design and a logo that is designed after good research work always has a greater impact than the logo which is designed without any research.