If we are willing to add life to our logo then the composition is the best ingredient for it. Composition means the typography of our logo design. No doubt colour and shape are one of the most important aspects of the logo but this is not enough composition just not relate to colours and shapes but also ensures the best fonts in our logo. The logo is the way of interacting with our audience but that communication is only successful if our logo is understandable with easily readable fonts. When we see some logo designs then we can understand how important a role its composition is playing in attracting the customers towards the brand.

Let us discuss some facts related to the importance of typography and which steps we have to follow to make it successful.

Font Choice

Font choice is very essential for us. We have to select the right font to approach the right audience. Because if the fonts are poorly selected and the audience failed to understand then surely our brand reputation is at risk, as we will be unable to give them our brand message. We have to make our audience visually engage with us and that is the example of perfect design. A good font selection will provide a good readability experience for the customers and will be building trust among the customers for the brand.

Readability Experience

A good readability experience does not only depend on the good choice of fonts but also the colour and shape selection that will help the customers to experience easy readability. We have to make sure the correct use of colours and graphics will allow the text to be more easily readable. Because sometimes it happens that the selection of fonts is good but the colour and graphics do not match with the text at all which irritates the customers because they find it difficult to read.

Attraction Element

Our logo should be attractive enough to grab its viewer’s attention so they can easily remember it. Attraction is the most important element in a logo because it can make the brand more prominent as compared to the poorly designed logo. A well-designed logo with good composition can make it attractive and appealing.

Colours Effects

The views of the audience about our logo are usually dependent on the colour selection. Colours can have positive and negative impacts on our audience. The choice of colours and quantity of colours mostly depends on the type of domain we are working on and the type of audience we want to target. But most brands use 2 to 3 colours in their logos. Colours are not only adding the beauty in our logos but also they are representing the personality of our brand so we should be very careful in selecting them. There are some other important reasons also to consider while selecting the colours like whether the colour will disturb our logo while printing or not, will it be clear while photocopying or not, will it be properly scanned or not when required, etc.

So, typography or composition is playing an influential role in logo design. That is why big brands and brands with good awareness are investing most of their efforts and time in creating the type of logo with the help of composition so that it can create the best brand image and identification for them and positively reflects the reputation of the brand. While creating a logo we should be considering the factors that can provide a good feeling about our brand among our audience.