The appearance of our website matters a lot in all ways and we usually pay much attention to know the importance of design for our websites. Today our website design is also playing a very important role in the SEO of our websites as well. User satisfaction has become one of the most important factors that can affect our rankings in search engines. So we can say that the user experience of our web design directly impacts the website’s SEO.

Let us discuss some factors of the design of our websites that are impacting our SEO.

Website’s Structure

Our website’s navigation structure includes many important things like conversion rate, engagement rate and bounce rate, etc. These factors are beneficial in SEO rankings and play a major role in the output of the website. Because it can lead to a very bad user experience if they do not find our website simple and friendly to use.

Loading Speed

Today everyone wants to save their time and desire speedy results. So, for that our websites should be having an efficient loading time which is not more than one second. We should be working on the factors that are causing more loading speed for websites because it can irritate the users and there is a massive possibility that they will leave. We should be working on some important factors to speed up our loading time like minifying our CSS and JS files, minimizing HTTPS requests, minimizing the use of redirects, and upgrading our hosting solutions, etc.

Use of Images

The proper way of using images in our designs also can have a great effect on our SEO. The proper way of using images means the use of keywords in the title of the image, the use of alternative texts and using compressed images. We know that search engines cannot understand that our image will be only fruitful if we add an impressive alt text in it along with our keyword in the title. This will prove to e a great SEO strategy.

The reason behind using compressed images in our websites is that, as discussed earlier, loading speed matters a lot. There is a possibility that huge image sizes can increase the loading time and also there is a possibility that the images failed to load, so using compressed size images is the best solution for this problem.

Domain Name

Our domain name represents our brand and business. So choosing a relevant domain name is highly important for us. Adding a boosting ingredient in it is that our domain should be having our main keyword in it and this will be proved to be very fruitful for our SEO. But we should be avoiding lengthy domain names. It is not considered to be a good practice.

Heading Tags

Nowadays the majority of the people do not read full content but they judge the whole content by reading the headings. Our headings should be attractive and convincing enough to grab the user’s attraction and make them stay on our website. Having the main keyword in our headings is a plus factor and impacts our search engine rankings a lot.

A good website design results in a good user experience and that has become a crucial part of SEO and if the users find our website difficult to use or hard to understand then they will simplify our website and that can harm our SEO. So, it has become necessary for us to have a well-designed website with a good navigation structure. We should be understanding the fact that if we want to compete and obtain the best results then we should be upgrading our websites according to the standards of the search engine.