Our web design is playing a huge role in the online reputation of our brand and even the website itself. The likeness of our websites is fully dependent on their design. We are very well aware of the factors that can lead to a good design and resulting in a good user experience. But there are some factors that we should be avoiding in our web designs to make them successful. Today the online world is full of tough competition especially the business cities like Vancouver, we should be avoiding some factors that can harm our website design Vancouver.

Let us discuss some factors that we should be avoiding if we want a well-designed website with great outcomes.

Bad Reading Experience

Content is the most important part of our website and its presentation is also of great importance. Almost everyone surfs online for content, to get information. So our websites should be designed in such a way to present their preferred content most easily. The way from which they can enjoy the content and understand it easily as well. A good reading experience will be helpful enough to grab their attention and make them stay on our website happily.

This will result in a lesser bounce rate and higher engagement. Whereas a bad reading experience will result in vice versa. Bad reading experience means we should be avoiding the smaller fonts, fonts that are difficult to read and understand, not using headings and subheadings, not using bullets and points, not using infographics, and avoiding spaces, etc.

Using Pop-ups

Using pop-ups is also considered to be a bad practice and we should be avoiding it. The main reason behind this is that a user comes to our website for the content and we welcome the user by ads or pop-ups. There is a possibility that a user can get irritated with it and leave the website immediately. This can lose our credibility and secondly, this will alarm the search engine that users are not happy with the position of our website and this can harm the ranking of our website.

So, we should be minimizing the use of pop-ups and if they are so much necessary for us then we should be using them when a user is about to quit the website which we say exit-intent pop-up.

Using Multiple Fonts

Fonts are related to the appearance of the website. As we know users come to our websites for content and content is presented with the help of fonts.  If we use multiple types of content with different sizes that will be creating a bad user experience. We should be constant in our choice. We should be making sure to select those fonts which are preferred by the users because at the end of the day we have to make users happy. We should also make sure that our fonts are easily readable on all devices.

So above are some factors we should be avoiding designing our website. Our brand depends on our website and our website depends on its design. Above are some mistakes we usually make while designing our website and then we have to face a bad output. The issues like bad reading experience, use of pop-ups or ads and use of multiple fonts, etc are some of the most common mistakes we made and they cause a bad reputation of our website.

We have to know that the online world is getting tougher and tougher and we are facing huge competition and especially the users of the business cities like Vancouver are smart enough to understand the worth of the website so we have to make sure that our website design Vancouver is according to their standards.