With time, there are many ways introduced for marketing purposes, whether it is field marketing or digital marketing every branch of marketing is expanding unanimously. A great expansion in the field of marketing is the sudden hipe of digital marketing and its result is beyond expectations. Digital marketing involves multiple ways of online marketing like website-based and social media marketing etc. Websites are one of the most powerful parts of digital marketing and talking about websites, website design matters a lot. In the current era, websites’ importance cannot be neglected because if we want to compete digitally, we should have a dynamic website that gives a great impression of our brand. Talking about business websites, it has become a necessity nowadays, if we want to create a good impact on our audience we should be having good websites with perfect designs like website design and logo design, etc.

When some new user wants our services he/she will be searching us online first and if we fail to create a positive impact on them they will be prioritizing other options because nowadays competition is huge, the audience has multiple options which result in a very tough competition for us. In websites, design plays an influential role in creating our impression we should not be compromising on our design. Let us take the example of logos, they are the very first thing that someone can notice on our website so we will be discussing some factors that lead to creating the perfect logo for us.

First of all, we have several websites from which we can take help of designing the logos which will be best for our domain because niche matters a lot for design. We should be considering those designs which are the best fit for our domains. Through this analysis practice, we will be having multiple examples among us and will be helping us develop hypotheses about our logo, and once it is developed half of our burden will be reduced. After that initial research, we should be selecting color combinations for our design. We should make sure that our logo colors should be perfectly contrasting with our website, this will help to make our website more beautiful otherwise it can create a bad impact on a visitor because colors are of huge importance to catch an eye. Then after this, we should be finalizing the style of our logo. Our style should be unique but simple, this is the best practice for selecting a logo style. The audience usually likes the simple and calm logo, and for this, we have numerous examples of big brands among us. We can see how simple their logo is but they have kept them unique as well.

When the steps of selecting colors and style are completed then we should give huge attention to the fonts of our logo. We should be choosing the right font for the right domain because domain relevance is very important at every step. So, these are some factors that can lead to a perfect logo design. We must design a logo with full devotion as our whole website reputation is depending on it.