We are very well aware of the importance of websites for our brands and the importance of their design in the online world. Nowadays, due to the massive expected audience in the digital world, the presence of a good and efficient website for the brand has taken the business to another level with greater leads, increased conversions, great traffic and business growth. But before developing the website, we should know the different types of web design so we can choose the best website design for our business.

1. Static Page Design

2. Dynamic Design

3. Fixed Design

4. Responsive Design

5. Liquid Design

6. Single Page Design

Static Page Design

In static websites, we have a fixed width and we cannot change it. Content in static websites cannot be changed either. The advantage of these websites is that they are quite lighter than the other websites so they require less time to load, they have a speedy loading time. It is also less expensive. In pc it can be easily used by scrolling and on other devices like mobiles or tablets, etc they can be used with the help of zoom.

Dynamic Design

Dynamic websites can be complex or simple, it depends on our needs. With the help of CMS, it is quite easy to manage the content in these types of websites.

Fixed Design

Websites of fixed design type had fixed width and they cannot be changed when the browser is resized. These types of websites are usually not friendly for smaller devices like mobiles and tablets, etc because the content will be much harder to view. When the browser is enlarged or reduced it is a great possibility that its content falls apart.

Responsive Design

These types of websites are some of the most favorite websites of all the people, and these websites are very beneficial as well. Websites with responsive designs can be easily used in all types of devices, whether it is a desktop, laptop, mobiles or tablets, etc they can provide the best user experience on all devices.

These websites have become a necessity for all kinds of domains because we do not know from which device the potential audience can come and it is a fact that most audiences surf the online world with devices other than desktops, like mobiles and tablets. So, these majority cannot be ignored. These types of websites show the content according to the size of the browser.

Liquid Design

In these types of website designs when the browser resizes, the content adjusts itself to fill the width of the browser. In liquid or fluid design websites, content columns are built-in percentages rather than the fixed columns. So they increase or decrease according to each other.

Single Page Design

Single page design for the websites will remain the all-time favourite for all. They are successful if we can convey the proper message of our website on a single page and a user can easily understand everything about us from our website. These types of websites have proved themselves to be very fruitful for grabbing the user’s attention. But we should know that we cannot apply this formula to all domains, many domains require multi-page websites. So we should prefer things according to the nature of our business or brand.

So, selecting a web design is not an easy task at all but no doubt we have many options in front of us. We should be choosing the design that matches the best with the type of website we want. Every domain has different requirements and audiences so we have to act according to nature.