The need and importance of a logo is something that we cannot just ignore. If we have a business or brand then we must have a good logo for it. Having a logo is an important part of the branding and plays a crucial role in business growth. But there is a question that puzzles our minds, which is how our logo should look. Designing a logo is not an easy task and which type of design we should be using is the most important part of logo design.

Each domain has its design preference so it is fully dependent on the type of business we are running and type of audience we are targeting and most importantly which type of message we want to convey through our logo. We will be discussing some most important types of designing the logo so we can understand which type of design will be best for us.

There are five important types of logo designs which are as follows:-

1. Wordmark Design

2. Letterform Design

3. Emblem Design

4. Pictorial Design

5. Abstract Design

Wordmark Design

Wordmark design is the type of logo in which the name of the brand or company is uniquely expressed in the form of stylish or simple texts. Many big brands are using these types of logos and they are receiving very positive feedback from their users. In the case of having a famous brand, this technique can be very helpful in creating recognition among the audience but in the case of a start-up or normal brand if it is used alone then there is a possibility that it can lack remembering facts of a brand.

Mostly the names of the big brands are remembered by the audience so they try to make their logo memorable but we have to face opposite circumstances in the case of start-ups or mid-level brands.

Letterform Design

These types of logos represent the initials or the first letter of the brand. We can also say that it is a single-letter type logo. These types of logos are preferred when we want to avoid complicated or long name logos and want to ideally utilize the space sizes. But if they are not designed perfectly then they can lack clarity in them.

Emblem Design

Emblem logos are the types of logos in which the company name is expressed pictorially and they look highly attractive. These logos look highly appealing on uniforms.

Pictorial Design

In pictorial design logos, images are used and they can be easily recognized. This logotype image is simplified and styled uniquely. These types of logos are highly beneficial for the brands of which specific images had become the source of identity for them. But if they are separated from texts then they can be very confusing especially for non-recognized brands. To make them successful, heavy advertising is required.

Abstract Design

Abstract designs logos are symbol-based logos. In these logos, ideas are represented instead of conveying a message. These logos are highly creative and conceptual. These logos are highly preferred in the domains of services-based and technology-based but they are very difficult to design.

We have discussed the five types of logo design. All of them are highly important and preferable depending on the purpose of the brand. We should be very carefully selecting the design type of our logos because they are not just the pictures, they are far more than that. Each design has its purpose and benefits that are up to us to select the design type. Logos are something that cannot be taken for granted. So the success behind our logo is dependent on our research and creativity.