In the business world, we have to deal with many things, from its launch to its performance, from its marketing to outcomes; everything comes with great challenges. But if we want to survive we have to compete and we have to face these challenges. Logo design and branding are the two very essential parts of the business world. No matter what is the size of our organization, these two are the must.

Most people consider these two the same thing but we have to understand that no doubt they are related processes but they both have different procedures. Designing the logo means making an attractive logo whereas branding means building a brand. The logo represents the brand or an organization visually.

It is an effective way to compete with our competitors in the world full of infographics lovers and this had now become a necessity as well. Branding is the huge process of building a proper brand and it involves a lot in it. Logo designing is an important element of branding. We cannot say they both are the same.

Branding strategy plays an influential role in branding and clarifies the nature of the brand. Following are some important elements of branding strategy.

  • Definition of brand
  • The positioning statement of the brand
  • Identity of the brand that includes designing the logo as well
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Pricing strategy

So, now we understand that logo designing is part of the branding and one of the most important one. Logo interacts with the customers as the very first thing no matter what is the source of that interaction whether its a website, social media, brochures or pamphlets etc, it always appears to be the very first thing someone can notice about the brand.

The logo is considered to be the very first visual element that one can identify about the brand. Let us discuss some factors that identify the importance of logo designing in branding.

Allow people in identifying and recalling the brand

The logo is a great source of identification for the brand. It helps in detecting our brand across different means.

Creates symmetry among different channels

Today we have to display our brand on different channels if we want good growth for it. So our logo helps us to introduce our brand on different channels like websites, social media, brochures and pamphlets, etc. The Multi-purpose logo helps us in achieving this target.

Differentiate our brands from the competition

Logos can help our brand to prove to ourselves why we are different from our competitors. As in the business world, we have to deal with the massive competition to survive and it is very important to convey the message that why our customers prefer us among our competitors.

So, we can say that logo design is an important element of branding but without a brand, a logo will not have a proper meaning so effective branding will be a must to achieve the desired goals for our brand.