Our logos are the faces of our brands and companies. Logos are most probably the very first thing that someone can know about our brands. They play the role of the first impression for our brand, which means the very first reputation of our company is dependent on our logo design. But designing the logo is not a very simple task as it is very obvious from its importance. Brainstorming is a very important part of designing a logo to make it successful. Let us discuss some steps of brainstorming the logo.

We Should Be Following The Rules

Brainstorming is the creative process, it involves ideas and sharing the research. So we should be following some important rules of brainstorming to generate excellent results. The most important rule of brainstorming is that we should not hesitate to share our idea, we should be sharing what we have in our mind because we do not know a single point can lead to success. The second most important rule of brainstorming is that we should be writing our all ideas no matter if we find it beneficial or not because we do not know if our idea can lead to a great discussion which can be leading us to great design. Thirdly, we should be brainstorming our ideas when we are at the heights of our creativity, it can be any time of our choice.

We Should Be Knowing Our Brand

As we know our logo is visually representing our brand so we need to know everything about our brand before designing it. We should be knowing the purpose of our brand, its nature and its goals so that our logo speaks for our brand. If we lack the information of our brand we will fail to design the logo and maintain its relevance with our brand.

We Should Be Knowing The Purpose

One of the most important parts of brainstorming is that we should be making a list of all possible places or platforms like websites, marketing, social media, etc where we want to use our logo. Knowing the purpose and placement of the logo is very important as it is directly impacting our logo design. We should know all the possible platforms where we will be using our logo so it can work on all mediums, not on the few ones where it can be matching, fortunately.