Logo design is meant to be easily understood and memorable. The reason behind that is the audience can easily identify the brand. But the analysis of the logo not only means how to design it properly but also analysis of the logo means to deeply understand each part of the logo and the factors that determine how they fit together. Each part of the logo has its own purpose and impacts on the audience. Let us study some important parts of a logo and find out its purpose.


A logomark is an icon or graphical element of a logo. We can say that it plays the most important role in the logo and usually is the center of attraction for the audience. We can say that through logomark we can see the entire picture of the brand.


The wordmark is the part of the logo that contains text which displays the brand name and is a most important use for remembering the brand name with the help of the logo. So easy readability is the most important factor for a wordmark because as it is understood from its purpose, we use it for remembering the brand name. It is important for the audience to easily read it so they can easily remember it.


The tagline is the second part of a logo which is usually paired with the wordmark. It is mostly used to convey some important message of the brand or the nature of the brand.


Frames are an extra logo feature that encloses a logo into a seal or covers it with decorative lines. It can be simple or complex as well. Controlling the shape of the logo is also done through framing.


The background is also an important part of a logo. It can be anything like image, text or colour, etc which is behind the logo. The background is also sometimes very helpful in making the logo more visible and significant.

So, above were some important parts of a logo design. There are other important parts as well that are present in our logos like negative spaces and establishment date and time, etc. If we have to analyze the logo we should be analyzing these parts properly only in that way we can develop proper study about our logos. No matter what is the purpose of our logo study, by studying these parts we can achieve our study target.